Bluehost Features

BlueHost Best Features and who is it Ideal for?

Bluehost has a number of standout features, making it one of the best hosting providers in the market. Some of these features include:

1- Domain Registration

Bluehost provides a free domain to users when they register for a 1-year plan. So, bear in mind that this advantage does not include the domain registration fee, which you still have to pay.

2- cPanel

Bluehost makes use of the cPanel (Control Panel), a well known and efficient website management system.

3- Website Builder

Bluehost boasts a drag-and-drop website builder for those who know what they would like to create but are not proficient in CSS and HTML skills.

4- Storage

Bluehost provides anything between 50 Gigabytes and unlimited storage space for your website files, depending on the hosting plan you utilize. So, the 50GB plan will be just fine if all you plan on doing is running a WordPress blog with images and words since it will take up a considerable amount of time to use up that much storage.

Bluehost is an ideal web hosting provider for the following groups of people.

WordPress consumers who can afford to pay extra to access more features. Moreover, a committed customer support team of WordPress experts.

Bluehost is also ideal for customers who are on the lookout for a dependable web host with a very positive reputation in the market. So, when it comes to web hosting, Bluehost is one of the most prominent names in the business. It also has garnered a lot of popularity and trust.

Owners of both small and large businesses think that Bluehost is great if you are simply looking for general-purpose shared hosting and are on a tight budget. So, just be sure to keep an eye out for the upselling.


Which BlueHost Plans are Available?

Bluehost provides four primary types of hosting plans :

  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

If you are on the lookout for something basic and reasonably priced, shared hosting is most likely what you require. This is also what most small-sized businesses and beginners are shopping for. On the other hand, dedicated hosting is the most costly hosting plan suitable for large commercial organizations that need a 100 percent control of all of their resources. Relying on dedicated hosting is like renting out a physical server.

WordPress hosting is exactly what it sounds like: optimized hosting for WordPress consumers.

A middle ground hosting option, VPS hosting, is where you share a physical server with other users. However, you possess your own virtual operating system. So the server works as if it is physically yours.


Pros of BlueHost:

Some of the many advantages of using BlueHost as a web-hosting provider include:

Several Apps, Integrations and eCommerce Features

Apart from a broad array of security features, Bluehost also offers access to several different integrations and apps that allow you to use the web’s most popular services.

As a case to point, Bluehost has a domain manager if you would rather simply buy and manage several domains via them. You can also set monthly, weekly, or daily backups just in case.

Furthermore, with just a single click, you can install WordPress and other fashionable CMS (content management systems) such as Joomla and Drupal, manage an e-commerce store, and much more!

Additionally, Bluehost includes access to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) as well. This hosts all your larger files and images, which takes the load off your servers. Moreover, it quickly delivers them to users worldwide. As a result, it keeps your website swift at the same time.

Several Hosting Options available

Bluehost has just the answer for you if you want to stick with just a single hosting organization as your business expands. Bluehost offers four plans, so as your website grows, there is no need for you to switch for server upgrades. The available hosting plans are cloud hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting VPS, reseller, and dedicated plans (as mentioned above).

Bluehost is Great for WordPress websites

Bluehost is a terrific option for WordPress since the former’s new Bluerock platform is a control panel (WordPress-focused) that provides an integrated experience with WordPress sites.

Installing WordPress is a walk in the park! You have the option to go through the process of single-click WordPress installation (automatic), or when you sign up, you can install WordPress on account set up.

So, compared to the prior technical stack, Bluerock provides WordPress pages at least two times quicker, and it is equipped with NGINX page caching (built-in).

Each WordPress website will gain from the latest performance and security features like:

  • PHP7
  • Free of cost SSL certificate
  • WordPress staging
  • NGINX+ caching
  • SSD drives
  • HTTP/2
  • Free Cloudflare Content Delivery Network
  • Easy to Use for Beginners

Bluehost cPanel (control panel) has a very simple layout that makes it easy to use. In most cases, you simply have to point and click.

Bluehost also boasts features for more advanced users; however, beginners can carry out installation and start-up WordPress very easily as well.

Alternately, if you are a beginner, you can also use Bluehost’s website builder tools (like Drupal or Weebly) to begin with a template. You can easily customize the template using drag-and-drop features.

Introductory Pricing is Low

If you check out Bluehost’s starting costs, you will see that the lowest advertised cost is 3.95 dollars per month.

That is a terrific deal, given that for that cost, a user gets almost everything they need, and then some, for a single site. That also includes unmetered bandwidth, 50 GB SSD storage, and a free-of-cost SSL certificate, among other things.

Hence, get greater value and bang for your buck in addition to their consistent page loading speeds and uptime.

Cons of BlueHost:

Although using BlueHost provides several benefits, it has certain disadvantages as well. Some of these are as follows:

No Free of Cost Automatic Backups

Although Bluehost does provide backups, they are merely a courtesy than anything else! What this means is that you cannot rely on your data to be backed up daily. So, you do not get guarantees here. You need to set up and manage your own backup through the Bluehost’s cPanel and to your local device.

An additional negative feature here is that any data Bluehost backs up within the last month is overwritten. In addition, their terms and conditions explicitly mention that they will bear no responsibility for this.

You only have access to the most recent backup they have, even if it, not the one that you require to restore your website.

Load Times are not too Fast

Bluehost’s load times are not always too quick when compared to those of other web hosting providers. Most customers believe that a website should load in no more than 2 seconds. If its loading time exceeds 3 seconds, they tend to leave the website.

You run a risk of losing out on a lot of website traffic if your web host cannot offer you quick loading times, and you are not optimizing your site for performance and speed.

No Guarantee for Uptime

Bluehost does not provide an uptime guarantee. You would want your website’s uptime to be as close to 100 percent as possible when choosing a hosting provider. They do not offer you a guarantee, but their Server/Network Uptime Agreement mentions that majority of issues are promptly fixed in around 15 minutes.

Bluehost averages around a 99.94 percent uptime. What this .06 percent outage means is that your website is down for around 4.5 hours over a complete year. Despite a fairly dependable uptime, they don’t provide any guarantees that your website will be up and running most of the time smoothly.

Bluehost Pricing: What is Included?

The best part about Bluehost pricing plans is that they all offer lucrative discounts during the 1st year of usage. However, you also need to keep in mind that renewal rates are much steeper. The following table compares and contrasts all the Bluehost pricing plans (Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro).



Choice Plus


Number of Domains Allowed





No. of Websites

One website





Live Chat and Phone

Live Chat and Phone

Live Chat and Phone

Live Chat and Phone

Amount of Maximum Files










Storage Capacity

50 GigaBytes









1st term prices

$2.95 per month

$5.45 per month

$5.45 per month

$13.95 per month

Renewal Cost

$8.99 per month

$12.99 per month

$16.99 per month

$25.99 per month

The Basic plan is ideal if you plan on using a single website, and 50 GigaBytes of storage is adequate for your needs.

With the Plus hosting plan, you can have as many sites as you require, and the storage is unmetered as well. If that is not enough, you also get access to unlimited email accounts!

If you select the Choice Plus plan, you can access all the features in the Plus plan, along with superior backup options and free of cost domain privacy.

Finally, the pro plan is best for users who seek higher performances. The maximum number of files you can host with this amazing plan is a staggering 300,000!

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How Will I Know Whether Bluehost is Down or Not?

Head over to “ / hosting / server-status” if you would like to check out statuses of websites hosted on BlueHost. Next, put in your account name or domain name, and they will promptly give you an update on whether the websites are properly functioning or not. 

What is Bluehost’s Uptime Guarantee?

Bluehost, under ideal conditions, promises to resolve most of the problems and concerns within 15 minutes. Hence, their uptime stays above the 99 percent mark. However, these numbers can change, given the concerns that may surface. Owing to unacceptable uptime, BlueHost does not penalize customers for dismissing their hosting agreement early.

Is Bluehost Secure?

Yes, you can rest assured knowing that Bluehost is very much safe and secure! Bluehost is one of the biggest hosting organizations with plenty of resources to manage and audit security at scale. Furthermore, they also provide several individual security solutions to users such as SSLs (Secure Sockets Layers) for hosted sites.

Can you cancel your BlueHost plan subscription at any time?

One of the best things about BlueHost is that it offers users a 30-day money-return guarantee, during which you can get full refunds if you choose to cancel your plan for whatever reason. Beyond that, you may cancel your plan at any time, but you will not get a refund.


To summarize, Bluehost is a highly recommended website hosting provider. Apart from its stellar reputation, Bluehost offers scalable and economic plans that you can use to tailor your solution, and you will be up and running in a mere couple of moments!

Furthermore, Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee, strong security support, and user-friendly applications galore. All things considered, if you are looking for a hosting provider that actually delivers, look no further than Bluehost! This Bluehost hosting review relies heavily on data, as well as the overall experience with their hosting features and customer support. So, Bluehost is a great choice. Our Bluehost hosting review breaks down the most important information.