Clickfunnels is a popular funnels builder among internet marketers around the world. Clickfunnels helps an entrepreneur create a high converting sales funnels instantly. Clickfunnels was created by Russell Bronson in 2014 and has become a famous funnels builder used by experienced entrepreneurs around the world.

Clickfunnels allows users to create sales funnels without writing a single HTML code. If you can’t organize your page with different types of elements, Clickfunnels can enable you to do that with an already pre-formatted template available. These templates are customizable, as you can edit and customize to fit your needs.


Clickfunnels affiliate program is a type of program that allows affiliates to sell products and earn a commission. For each sale, members receive up to 40% commission on Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels program is best for you if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing.

Clickfunnels offers a lot of opportunities, to make a most of them, one has to master the ins and outs. At the end of the article, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge of Clickfunnels.

Here are some of the qualities of Clickfunnels affiliate program:

  • They offer high commission:

As an affiliate with Clickfunnels, you are entitled to a 40% recurring commission. Their lowest plan is $97 per month, so you get to earn $38.80 monthly for customer refers. Imagine having a 100 sale; you have a commission up to $3880 monthly. That is enough to replace daily jobs for most people.

This program also offers bonus prizes. Here is how it works, if you can sign up to 100 paying clients, besides the monthly recurring commission, you will receive a $500 bonus monthly. If you can increase your paying clients to 200, you can have a bonus of up to $1000.

  • Transparency:

Clickfunnels has a clear policy guideline in place for affiliates; for clarity, you can check out their FAQ’s page, where you can get all the answers you seek about their affiliate program. You can also join their Facebook group with over 200,000 members.

  • Professional marketing materials:

You can find all the marketing materials in your affiliate dashboard and start promoting right away.

  • Free training:

Lastly, Clickfunnels offer free affiliate training to help affiliates promote their Clickfunnels sale to start making a commission. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, it is best to take the training. With proper training, you can turn your hobby into a full-time career.



Clickfunnel is one of the most powerful funnel builders available in the market. It is not a free service. To use Clickfunnels and all its features, it is necessary to sign up and select your monthly subscription plan. To sign up for Clickfunnels, you have to go through the following steps: 

Step 1: First, you have to visit the link: to get a 14 days free trial account.

Step 2: After visiting the above link, you submit your email and password

Step 3: After completing the application form, you will be able to choose from two different subscription plans.

Step 4: Start-up plan is the lowest available plan on Clickfunnels. However, there will be no charge until after the 14-days plan expires.

Step 5: The highest Clickfunnels plan is the full suite plans, which is $297. This plan gives you access to all the powerful Clickfunnels features like a backpack for affiliate management, cationic for mail automation, and Pipeline for CRM management.

Step 6: After you finish making payment, your Clickfunnels sign up should be ready, and you can start up right away.


Clickfunnels is not a free service. All new members are entitled to a 14 days free trial account. However, after the trial, you can continue your subscription by selecting any of the two options plan available, or you can delete your account. There are two major plans you can choose subscriptions to from. You have the startup plan for $97 per month or the suite plan for $297 per month.


As we all know, to create sales funnels, you should know how to write HTML code. Most marketers who don’t have the required knowledge and coding skills usually hire a professional web developer. Clickfunnels has the best funnels builder that allows you to build your professional sales funny without writing any HTML code or making you hire a professional web developer. Many site builders out there can help create sales funnels. However, many internet marketers choose Clickfunnels for these reasons: 
  • Clickfunnels is easy to use, and it provides the drag and drop mechanism that allows users to create professional sales funnels.
  • Clickfunnels comes with different types of pre-formatted templates; these templates are editable to meet your individual need.
  • It allows text and email automation
  • CRM management software
  • Affiliate marketing software
  • And a create membership site


As we know, the internet is the best place to sell all different kinds of products and services; however, selling products and services on the internet requires a lot. Internet marketers, who wish to promote their brands or sell online, need to have a sales funnels. A professional website can attract customers and build up sales, and many internet marketers will want to hire a professional web developer to help them create a professional website. In this case, you can use Clickfunnels builder

Even if you can have massive traffic on your e-commerce site, it is not easy to convince visitors to buy your product, people can only buy your product if they trust you, and sales funnels help marketers build trust from visitors. Clickfunnels is one of the most popular sales funnels builders in the world, as many experienced internet marketers use it. 

Clickfunnels help marketers create professional sales funnel they need. It is equipped with different features to enable the business to run smoothly. Clickfunnels have a drag and drop mechanism that allows you to drag and drop elements to any location on your page. You can choose from a wide range of pre-formatted funnel templates available. Clickfunnels allows you to create a high converting landing page without writing any HTML code. 

You can also edit and customize your templates to meet your business need. Clickfunnels has many interesting features, such as CRM management, affiliate marketing, and free membership site.


Clickfunnels pay commissions on all their products ranging from 30% to 40%, except their free plus shipping offers. The monthly commission got reduced from 40% to 30% unless you get 40+ monthly referrals on the platform.
Clickfunnels pay mainly through PayPal, Tipalti’s, or checks. On Tipalti, you have more options to get paid, including direct wire transfers to local banks worldwide. Using Tipalti requires a charge of $5 from your commission before payment is made to your account.



  • All affiliates are required to complete the tax documentation
  • The commission is paid after 45 days cooling-off period, due to potential refunds or cancellations 
  • Commission summary must be above $100.00 at the time of commission report
  • You can always modify your preferred payment method via Paypal, Tipalti or check inside your affiliate account


One of the most attractive features of Clickfunnels affiliate program is its transparency. There is no particular Clickfunnels affiliate strategy as the way to make money is smooth and clear to grasp. 

One way that you can make most of your affiliate program is by using click share funnels feature. This feature allows you to share fantastic and successful funnels creation with other Clickfunnels users and non-users. Whenever you share funnels, and someone uses your affiliate link, your funnels will automatically add to their list of usable templates, if they are a Clickfunnels member. If not, the person will be required to start a free 14-days trial. After the trial, if the person wishes to stay and becomes a full time Clickfunnels member, you get to receive a commission.


Clickfunnels backpack is an affiliate management system. This feature enables internet marketers to make an easy to manage the affiliate program they need. A backpack is a native application that works smoothly with your sales funnels. When you use the backpack feature, you will require the use of any other third party affiliate software.



  • Dashboard section: In this section, you will be able to see all your general affiliate information; it shows your affiliate earnings, how much commission you have paid, and how much commission you owe. 
  • Affiliate section: This section shows all your new affiliate, you can also add new affiliate manually here.
  • Commission section: The commission section will show the details of your commissions on all affiliates, purchase made, and your amount due
  • Payment section: The payment section enables users to track payment due, and the commission earned. In this section, you don’t miss out on paying your affiliate anymore.
  • Commission plan: The commission plan section allows you to set up how many affiliates you are giving to your affiliate.
  • Affiliate types: The affiliate type section allows you to create affiliate types, enabling you to create a multi-tier affiliate program
  • Affiliate funnels: This section contains the list of all your funnels with an affiliate program


There aren’t any terms and conditions to this program except the 45-days cooling-off period, which makes sure you can receive your money for legitimate sign-ups and purchases. Clickfunnels simply enforces some guidelines for honest and hardworking affiliates. 

You must be honest about the use of affiliates links and do not sneak your link in. Always highlight the fact that you are using it to make money. Another guideline is to avoid spamming people, whether via email or on social media.


  • If you want an affiliate program, with lots of support and recurring high ticket offers
  • If you can study powerful topics like email marketing, affiliate marketing, and lead generation.
  • If you want tons of done for your email that you can use to promote the recurring affiliate program.


  • If you are not a big fan of business, internet marketing, or entrepreneur style niche.
  • If you are not a fan of affiliate marketing, and if you can’t promote affiliate offers
  • If you are expecting to get rich quick scheme, then skip the Clickfunnels affiliate program
P.S: If you are a beginner that wishes to learn more about affiliate marketing, Clickfunnels are more suitable for you because of its flexibility and the fantastic features it offers.