CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, is an algorithm for managing all of your company’s interactions with your customers and also your potential customers. It analyses the data history of your customers and uses it to create a plan to drive up company profit.

HubSpot free CRM, which is a certified partner of Google, is a solution that goes along with all types of companies and industries ranging from the beginner to the mid-market and to the industrial bigwigs.

Hubspot Customer Relationship Management Software

This is a software that aids your business in fostering strong customer relationships while improving sales and retention.

The CRM software combines all the information that your salespeople have obtained about your customers and binds it into a cohesive unit that is then used to determine how best your customer can be satisfied.

When wondering how to choose a CRM for your setup, you need to look at some factors, and these factors are dependent on the kind of operation that you run. But, the three top factors that are constant in all kinds of businesses are price, relevance, and simplicity.

You need to know whether it is operable without getting any further training, whether it is relevant to the task that you want it to perform, and you also need to know whether it is within your budget range.

Hubspot CRM Features


Free and simple, the HubSpot free CRM software is a platform built to enable salespeople to make the change and get started on the new platform without affecting the existing workflow.

It is the most recommended for new startups and enterprises that haven’t been using CRM as well as they should have.

The HubSpot CRM software has all the features that are to be found in any good CRM software, with its mobile access, drag and drop communicator, contact syncing, customized views, templates tracking and scheduling, tools of sales processing and the other important features that can be found in the software.

HubSpot CRM features help in creating beautiful company and contact profiles as it neatly organizes the data gained from your customer’s rapport with you. The HubSpot CRM features allow you to keep track of all deals and agent performances. 

It also gives you a detailed dashboard in which all team members are able to monitor the activities of the company. If you already use the HubSpot Sales, then you need to try the HubSpot CRM app for even more effective sales.

HubSpot free CRM software is the only free CRM solution that offers a high level of integration like no other. Some of the apps with which it integrates are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, Zapier, and so many others.

HubSpot CRM Detail Review

HubSpot CRM has varieties of add-ons that increase the efficiency of business operations. HubSpot CRM companies make profit from subscription to add-ons, although the majority of tools on HubSpot are available for usage without the need for a subscription, but to have access to Sales Hub Starter, Professional and Enterprise you’ll need to subscribe

The availability of many add-ons increases smooth business operations. Unlike others, HubSpot CRM offers the best for free.

Track Monitoring, HubSpot CRM keeps the records of visitors. Also, it shows the most engaging activities. The tendency to keep track of your company’s activities helps to further promote business growth. Also, it has an enabled feature where customers can chat directly with the agents online. 

HubSpot CRM helps in project management. It shows the team activities. It allows smooth task monitoring by displaying the task progression, task accomplishment, and closed deals.

Email, Microsoft Outlook, among others, can be linked to the software. The activities of those applications can be carried out in the software. HubSpot CRM is designed for easy access to other platforms.

How to get started on HubSpot CRM Software

To get started on HubSpot, kindly follow the guidelines below.

1. Register on HubSpot

  • Programs aided by HubSpot
  • Connect and disconnect users
  • Change the settings for location and language 
  • Find support with HubSpot
  • Insert the HubSpot mobile software

2. Insert HubSpot Sales and link your Inbox

  • Link HubSpot to your inbox
  • Ensure your Office 365 and Gmail get connected to the HubSpot 
  • Your email supplier requires a link to your inbox which is boosted by the HubSpot features

3. Begin your CRM

  • Fabricate and alter spared channels
  • Make use of tasks
  • Link records utilizing import
  • Make tickets
  • Give the title of records
  • Organize your resources
  • Set up and personalized your pipeline management
  • Move items, contacts, cards, organizations, or products
  • Understand pipeline management

4. Use your free Marketing Tools.

  • Begin with promotions and adverts
  • Make use of structures that are not of HubSpot
  • Make spring up or pop-up features

5. Use your free Sales Tools.

  • Begin with discussions
  • Utilize the calling instrument
  • Be aware of your business dashboard
  • Make and use bits
  • Integrate chat flow
  • Use archives or records
  • Sales email formats should be in use
  • Meetings instrument should come in place
  • Check activity feed to see notifications on sales

Benefits of the HubSpot CRM software


Hubspot Pricing

When speaking on HubSpot pricing, some businesses might ask, “is HubSpot CRM really free”?. Yes, It is absolutely free. Even though it offers a variety of services alongside integration with other applications, it is procured without charge.

This gives it an edge that no other CRM solution has been able to meet, regardless of budget, all setups are able to use this HubSpot CRM feature.

Contact Syncing

The HubSpot free CRM software allows you to link up with all the locations where your sales are taking place, and this includes your social media profiles, websites, email service providers, and so more.

No Limitations

It’s a powerful and flexible solution. HubSpot CRM solution helps you in closing more deals while reducing your workload. It provides data insights that would help your agents save time. You also enjoy unlimited data, users, and up to 1,000,000 contacts, which are all available for free on your software.


It integrates easily with other ongoing projects. You don’t have to be scared of losing your other applications just because you installed it. The HubSpot free CRM software blends with a variety of different software like Pipedrive CRM, Snapengage, Google Chrome, Gravity Forms, and many more.


The availability of templates increases business efficiency, likewise, save time and unnecessary stress. A rapid business output requires an excellent tool; HubSpot CRM is the best choice. Some of the templates include:

  • Infographic Templates: It is used for capturing the mind of the customer via excellent creative designs.
  • Social Media Calendar: HubSpot CRM has an outstanding social media plan. It has rich content, tips, and methods.
  • Six Blog Post Templates: the software simplified blogging to the simplest. Although blogging can be overwhelming, the availability of templates makes it easy and fun.
  • E-mail Templates: the only space left in email creation is the content. The draft and templates are available.

Easy to Set

Another way in which the HubSpot CRM software has mastered the art of customer relationship management is that it’s an intuitive interface that does not require any complex installations or training to master.

Cons of Using the HubSpot CRM Software

Just like any tool, there are also disadvantages. Here are the weaknesses or drawbacks of using the HubSpot software:

  • No Versatility and Flexibility: Organizations with exceptionally entangled sales procedures may think that it is tough to adjust the HubSpot CRM to their demands. There are some places in the platform that ought to be personalized to suit your work or team; however, in some cases, it doesn’t give each correct capacity. For instance, the software is ideal for organizations that are still developing; however, it probably won’t be propelled enough for more prominent associations with numerous income streams. Having a lot of data from various sources streaming into the framework can get hard to compose.
  • Newly Materialize: HubSpot CRM, in its entirety, does not have the characteristics or structures that other CRMs have. Given that, HubSpot is continually attempting to grow. They usually add new programs to their product, permitting clients to receive more rewards from their items.
  • Vital Reporting: HubSpot reports give all that could be needed, useful, and beneficial. The organization is continually endeavoring to improve its revealing details and characteristics. Given that, there are restrictions. One such way is that it’s hard to give an account of information that wasn’t in HubSpot. For instance, some users can download chatbots on our pages, and one can get more information by providing details regarding their presentation locally. There are other increasingly minor issues like not having the option to look at a measurement of more than two distinctive timeframes without physically making two reports. In general, HubSpot’s revealing instruments don’t offer as a lot of profundities as they could; however, this has been improving after some time.
  • Restricted Depth: Since HubSpot provides a broad scope of services, instruments used by individuals may have a nearly restricted depth. HubSpot has an increased stage that they haven’t gotten into as a lot of detail in specific places or areas as their rivals have done on a particular capacity. The detailing area above is a genuine case of this. Typically, be that as it may, the depth they give on any instrument is all that could be needed to cover the vast lion’s share of utilization cases.

Comparison Between Hubspot CRM Software and Other CRM Software

Hubspot vs. Zoho

While Hubspot offers a simple user experience that helps the salesperson to save time and face his most important task of winning deals, Zoho offers a complex process of implementation along with confusing prices.

Hubspot, which is ranked 1st by finances online, has a significant edge that Zoho or any other CRM, has been unable to beat. Being free is the single most important HubSpot CRM feature. While other CRMs may have a short trial period where their services are free, Hubspot CRM software is free forever.

Users, data, and contacts are a vital feature in CRM. Hubspot CRM software offers only the best with its unlimited data, users and allowing up to a million contacts on your software while the maximum for Zoho is 25,000 contacts.

While Hubspot allows sync that spans across two accounts, Zoho is limited to only one-way sync.


HubSpot vs. Salesforce

The fact that the HubSpot CRM software is absolutely free supersedes the Salesforce CRM software, which, on the other hand, offers a variety of prices for their different tiers and level of operation.

HubSpot’s free CRM gives its users access to the leads and dashboards that report the task at hand.

The HubSpot CRM, with its flexibility, makes room for both the budding business and the giant enterprise, while the Salesforce CRM is recommended for only those with an already flourished setup.


HubSpot vs. InStream

HubSpot has a 99% rating in user satisfaction, while InStream has only 94%.

HubSpot has a 9.8 rating in all-round quality and performance while InStream has 8.2

The least costly package on InStream costs 8 pounds while the HubSpot CRM app is free.

The HubSpot CRM app boasts of at least fifteen different features, while the InStream CRM app has only six distinguishing features.

The HubSpot CRM app can be successfully integrated with 42 different applications, while the InStream CRM app can be integrated with only 10.



Customer relationship is an essential aspect of all businesses, and they need to be handled with utmost care. This is not an easy feat to accomplish. Startups that are introduced to HubSpot free CRM are bound to ask, is HubSpot CRM really free?, then they would want to know about HubSpot pricing along with other HubSpot CRM features.

This article answers all of their questions and leaves them with no doubt that the HubSpot CRM app is the right software for the job.