Hubspot is a software that provides services like social media marketing, content management, web analytics, customer support, and many others. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah created the software, and its headquarter is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hubspot has different amazing tools; among them is the Hubspot inbound marketing and Marketing grader.

 Moreover, the software can be used to create and design websites, access website performance, and also track user’s activities on twitter.

Uses of HubSpot

 There is also the Hubspot Academy, which was launched in November 2016. This academy provides a training platform for those interested in digital marketing and related courses. Hubspot has over 3,387 employees and has achieved a series of accomplishments over the years. Furthermore, Hubspot was nicknamed “a prolific creator of content” due to its competence and provision of quality service. 

Apart from creating software, the owners of Hubspot developed a CRM platform that is cloud-based and functions to help align sales, and in general, marketing. It also allows companies to organize their contacts and keep track of every conversation. 

Hubspot is a marketing platform for software products. If the aspect of inbound marketing is one that catches your interest, you may have already heard of Hubspot templates. If you haven’t and are interested in that, don’t stop reading. Hubspot is also popular with its blog posts, the digital market, as well as its certification courses. There are a lot of other industries out there with similar services, but Hubspot is such a huge platform, with amazing features.

The tools used on Hubspot are extensive, efficient, and easy to use as a business owner. These tools are divided into hubs, which can be separately purchased. They can, however, be combined to give a full team of tools that can yield more performance in your marketing, sales, and support team. The devices are affordable and not complex to use for new users. As a subscriber of Hubspot, you do not need to wait for only business hours before lodging complaints. You can have your problems solved anytime the need arises.

Hubspot CRM is focused on customer’s welfare, assisting businesses to build relationships with their customers and promote productive conversations with them. Also, the Hubspot marketplace uses customer data, such as website visits, phone calls, and social media interactions, to generate more substantial revenue for business owners. 

With Hubspot flywheel, a fantastic marketing system was introduced. This marketing with Hubspot sequences specializes in helping companies grow traffic and increase conversions through excellent landing pages, brilliant content editing, steady workflows, and good distribution outreach. 

 Before we delve into how CRM can grow your business, let’s briefly highlight some benefits you can enjoy from Hubspot CRM. 

 – Tracks and Shares documents 

Hubspot enables you to load documents and share them when needed. Moreover, you can easily track any of your materials whenever they are opened by a recipient. 

 – Enables you to hold live chat sessions

With CRM Hubspot, you have a high probability of negotiating great sales, respond to customer’s inquiries, accommodate service requests, and also perform live chat with your clients. 

 – Social media integration 

Using the Hubspot CRM system, you are able to connect to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and others. This helps extract useful information from your customer’s profile. With your customers’ detail in your database, you are able to send personalized emails to each customer, which will prompt them to take desired actions. In return, you experience high and successful sales. 

There is always a place for you on Hubspot- whether you are just starting out as an online marketer wanting to learn the basics of marketing. Or whether you are a CEO, seeking to move your business further and develop an official website. Besides,  you are entitled to receive an email from the team monthly, stating your activities and transactions on the platform.  

Interestingly, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial as a new subscriber on your first registration.  Within this period, you have the privilege to try out their tools without committing with your credit card or any other payment plan. 

Hubspot Packages

There are a number of services that are available on the Hubspot marketing platform. All of these services, in turn, helps in boosting the online presence of your business. Using the Hubspot provided services, your business will be going up the scales in no time. However, note that it requires dedication and effort on your part as well. Diligence, commitment, discipline, the right education, and consistency are what you need for your business to attain greater heights.

However,  if you are not dedicated nor committed to going through the process to have your business grow, then maybe, just maybe Hubspot is not for you. However, you do not need to dedicate long tireless months or years to learn the basics. You can learn at your pace, just ensure that you are committed to it. Some of the services that Hubspot offers are listed below.

1. Building of Websites

This is one of the critical features of Hubspot, and the very first step to getting your business growing and moving. Hubspot creates a sequence and chain of services, which allows you to perform different tasks and activities. You can build your website on Hubspot, which is putting your business out there for potential clients to see and be able to contact you. 

With the website feature, you can build, as well as design your website. You can also modify or host a website. As long as you know how to operate a computer, you can navigate and build your website. And Hubspot makes the entire process an easy one. 

Hubspot doesn’t just give you a platform to design websites, and it also offers suggestions on how you can make it better and improve it to your client’s taste.

2. Blog

This is one crucial step to a company’s marketing strategy. Blogs enable such companies to share their thoughts, aim, objectives, goals, services, and even a general overview of the company and what it does. On Hubspot, it is easy to create and publish content that gives viewers an insight into what your company is about. Having a properly designed website is not enough; you also need content, as well- nicely structured and qualitative content.

By the way, you can quickly grow your audience, as well as clients, by creating interesting as well as captivating posts. This is the next thing to do after having built your website, and in no time, you would have a fast-growing business.

3. Email Marketing

The Hubspot email templates are another service that Hubspot provides. This feature allows you to check on your clients whom you haven’t heard from in a while. This further promotes a better and stronger business relationship between you and your clients. This feature allows you to host personalized email campaigns to each of your clients who have.

4. Keywords

With Hubspot, organizing, discovering, and tracking keywords has been made easier. You can also get suggestions on what keywords to use on your website. That is, you can get professional SEO advice, which helps you beat the competition. The keyword feature is one of the Hubspot sequences of rendered services.

If there are keywords that are particular to your business, it makes your business more easily findable and trackable. Once someone types in a keyword on a search engine, your business is then made available. The use of keywords is an effective way of marketing and promoting your business, as millions of people, billions even can easily type in those keywords either intentionally or coincidentally.

5. Ads

Yet another powerful feature of the Hubspot flywheel is the use of Ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, as well as LinkedIn Ads. This is one excellent service offered by Hubspot, and can, in the long run, help you grow your business. 

All you have to do is pay for your business to pop up. That is, while clients surf the net or even search for businesses similar to yours, your sponsored ads can pop up, thus, alerting them that a business like yours exists. Hubspot Ads is a possible way of growing your market and business.

6. CTAs and Landing pages

A CTA means call-to-action and is effective in increasing the traffic on your website. Once there is heavy traffic on your website, there is also a lot of funds coming in, right? However, what is more, important is being able to convert those visitors to potential clients, and subsequently, long-time customers.

The CTA feature leads your potential clients to land pages, which can be designed for you in minutes. You do not, however, need the input of sophisticated IT personnel or designer. The CTA, as well as landing pages, can be customized to allow you to review every user’s experience. It allows you to analyze the results of users’ experiences, even while on your site.

7. Lead Management and Segmentation

From different Hubspot case studies, it is evident that there are many different marketing tools used on Hubspot. These tools, as have been established above, are what aids social media marketing and grows your business. Hubspot allows you to keep a list of all your marketing data in a secured location. This, in turn, allows you easily view all interactions or transactions which you have saved on your Hubspot management list; this can be used as a reference for future marketing activities

8. Marketing Automation

From different Hubspot case studies, it is evident that there are many different marketing tools used on Hubspot. These tools, as have been established above, are what aids social media marketing and grows your business. Hubspot allows you to keep a list of all your marketing data in a secured location. This, in turn, allows you easily view all interactions or transactions which you have saved on your Hubspot management list; this can be used as a reference for future marketing activities

9. Social Inbox

With technology fast advancing with the world, and most things are now done online, you definitely want your online presence to be felt, so does your business. Hubspot gives you that opportunity to take and improve your business online. Hubspot introduces you to social interactions and platforms, without any investment of time nor effort. You can as well track and monitor your business on such social media platforms. 

Your marketing database is hardly ever lost, nor do you easily miss opportunities. Most business opportunities are presented online, and once you and your business are on such platforms, you most likely would bump into them. Your interactions on social media can be tracked as well. No doubt, social media is an effective way and tool to grow your business.

10. Reporting

After carrying out market surveys, as well as marketing your business. You are expected to come up with accurate reports- both of your business and related data, as well as your clients’. Marketers, however, have stated that proving the ROI of all of their marketing activities is a topmost marketing challenge. Statistics also show that those marketers who calculate ROI have higher chances of receiving higher budgets. 

For any business, online or not, accurate reporting of all related data is paramount. This is not an exception with Hubspot reporting feature. This also helps you decide more concretely, as well as more informatively on the contents you want to upload, as well as the different SEO strategies.


If you are a business owner or marketer and had never initially heard about Hubspot, now you have. You are on track, with the Hubspot platform open to you, as well as its ever amazing feature. Your business is in for a turnaround- a positive one, that is whether your business is a small startup business, or has been existing for a while. 

Lastly, you can never go wrong with Hubspot. The trained team of diligent experts is indeed what your business needs to thrive. At Hubspot, we care about you, and we care about your business.