The world has turned on a global village where the internet dictates most of daily decisions and activities. In the board business and entrepreneurship, the internet has become the market place, where all services, products, and sales occur. Digital marketing is the driving force of today’s strategic business earning and accomplishment. The wise among the business owner turns the power of the internet into their source of exploitation.

There are different platforms for marketing goods and services online, they follow the same goals, which are sales through the internet. Kajabi and Clickfunnels, among others, stand as the leading digital marketing platforms today. They both contain unique features and benefits, an outstanding comparison is outlined below.

Kajabi online digital marketer


Kajabi narrowed its digital services to the strategy of growing business online. Its fundamental goal is of the digital world, which involves the use of differs range of tools and strategical approaches in helping people to grow their business online. They offer services in various fields of marketing; therefore, the company practices a flexible mode of marketing. 

The first service rendered by Kajabi is the provision for customers’ products and services. They create a great platform where customers display their products in digital form, the company overview, market, and monitor the sales. 

Some distinct features of Kajabi marketing company are:

  • Single-mode of operations: The company has another fantastic feature of controlling customer business from a single source. They solve the problem of seeking different modes of action through a unique website. They create content, perform the marketing, and connect everything about the products to the world.
  • Analytics: Followings that is their analytical approach. The company offers direct, simple, and clear reports on customers’ daily business activities. Their system monitors the people that visit clients’ sites, what they do, and the products or services they purchased more. Their system also shows the customer progress. It indicates the level of the client’s customer relations, either gaining more or loosing more. The least is customer engagement monitoring; the company offers service in detecting the rate of customer engagement, whether they love the product or they ignore their services.
  • Emails: Kajabi offers service in growing, managing, and reaching more to people; these inturns create more avenue for the business holder to run additional tasks. Their system includes a feature that creates emails and replies to emails. They also include functionality like video integration, automation, and countdown timers in the emails they provide. 
  • Pages: Kajabi has some available templates for easy access and effective daily business execution. There are least of activities because the right pages like email templates, product pages list, user platform pages have been customized already.
  • Campaigns: The company offers campaign service through their tools designed for optimization, automation, and scaling business.
  • Communities services: Their service includes community services which help in building customer relationship via effective communication strategies, the transformation of present goods and services into the ones people love and like, and also monetization.
  • Mobile compatibility: The company services are accessible via a mobile application, anywhere, and anytime.
  • Payment mode: Kajabi provides easy and simple methods of payment; they offer two ways of online payments, which are PayPal and Stripe.

ClickFunnels, the sales funnel marketer


Unlike Kajabi, ClickFunnels offer services for a wide range of business holders, including personal and organizations. The significant differences between Kajabi and ClickFunnels are the mode of operations. While Kajabi targets are online business holders, ClickFunnels targets a wide range of business practitioners, which includes those that offer online services & products and those that deal with physical products. 

ClickFunnels operates through the mode of sales funnels. Sale funnels create the avenue of converting non-customers to diligent customers via the strategy of locating the right people.

ClickFunnels features include:

  • Sales funnel: The company creates and manages sales funnels for their clients. It follows the principle of converting visitors through the tools of marketing to customers that buy their products and services.
  • A step-by-step guide to customers: ClickFunnels operates by showing customers what to do and how to do it. Their stages involve the creation of awareness, followed by call-to-action. It follows an inform, direct, and buying procedures.
  • Follow up: The company follows their client’s customer; they update and inform them of necessary actions.
  • Marketing orientation: The company teaches, and direct clients on how to sell, market, and deliver products online; this platform contains: drag & drop webpage editor, quick building sales funnels, smart shopping cart creations, and email & Facebook marketing.
  • Edison Editor: ClickFunnels create pages for clients using tools like picking a template, point & click, and drag & drop.

Comparison between Kajabi and ClickFunnels

The two companies display outstanding properties, but they differ in several ways. Which is your best marketing company? The 8 differences between Kajabi and ClickFunnels are:

The companies are outstanding in the services they offered. Notwithstanding, they both differ in the mode of delivery and how they run their marketing processes. Kajabi offers services majorly for online clients, while ClickFunnels promotes services both online and offline; that is, virtual and physical products and services. The comparison between Kajabi and ClickFunnels are:

1. Aimed Audience:

The audience is the people or target customers. ClickFunnels possess the tools that aimed at a broad range of customers; this is because it targets both offline and online people. The services offered by ClickFunnels is comprised of people that sell digital products like electronic materials, online stores, e.t.c, and those that deal with physical products and services.On the other hand, Kajabi offers services to those that are into online services only, and their tools don’t include those that provide physical products and services.

2. Main focus:

The focus is on how each marketer carries out its marketing strategies, “how and who.” Kajabi emulates various methods of marketing; thus, their marketing strategies spread wide to large people. Their focus is flexible enough to reach as much as possible people. 

Contrarily, ClickFunnels only employs sales funnel marketing strategy, which narrows its services to a set of people that love the mode of “how sales funnel” works. Marketing involves an agreement between both parties, and if the strategy is not satisfactory, few people will aim it.

3. Domains:

Domains are the opened opportunities on how to what length clients can display their services, the platforms at which they can make their services and products known through the marketer’s influences. 

ClickFunnels gives more than one domain; that is, the clients can display more than the alone product. Contrarily, Kajabi only offers one domain opportunity; thus, their customers can only show one product per domain.

4. Customization:

It is the process of designing and arranging products and services on the pages and the platforms offered by marketers. 

ClickFunnels gives the avenue for clients to design and organize their products and services by themselves. Following that is the Kajabi, Kajabi provides templates that have been created already, their customers have to input their products and services only. So, those that what fast services are likely to go for Kajabi, but those that wish to design their platforms themselves may choose ClickFunnels.

5. Mentorship:

Mentorship, by definition, is the act of guidance by leading those with little knowledge about marketing. 

Kajabi offers a wide range of mentorship and tutoring their clients and help their company grows by showing them how to run the services, and also provide online services and live to tutor. ClickFunnels does not include mentorship services.

6. Click out pages:

Checking out of a website is the last thing that occurs during the purchase of services. Kajabi site is a bit complicated, and checking out is direct and simple. ClickFunnels check out page is easy and straightforward.

7. Payment:

The method of payment employ by both parties is different. ClickFunnels emulates a direct mode of payment that attached fewer charges and little stressed. Kajabi employs two ways of payments through Stripe and PayPal. Stripe is a third party site, although Kajabi does not demands extra costs, but the third party does.

8. Services:

ClickFunnels offers some outstanding services, but not as much as Kajabi.

ClickFunnels services include sale funnels, etison editor, backpack, follow-up, SMS marketing, Facebook & email marketing, how to market, how to sell, how to deliver products online e.t.c.

Kajabi services are online courses, website, membership sites, quizzes & surveys, funnels, events, email automation e.t.c.

ClickFunnels VS Kajabi Pricing

ClickFunnels Pricing

Basic Plan

  1. $97/month
  2. 100 landing pages
  3. 20 funnels 
  4. 20,000 visitors per month

Etison Suite

  1. $297/month
  2. Unlimited access to all services

Kajabi Pricing

Basic Plan

  1. $149/month
  2. 3 products
  3. 1 admin user
  4. 1,000 members
  5. 1 site unlimited landing page
  6. Unlimited emails/month

Pro Plan

  1. $399/month
  2. 100 products for sale
  3. 25 admin users
  4. 20,000 members
  5. 3 sites
  6. Unlimited landing pages 
  7. 2,000,000/month


It is necessary to know and studied the mode of payment that suits the services and products offered before engaging in a specific pattern of marketing. The two companies provide a wide range of services, their way of operations in; content, the client’s approach, and functions should be studied first.

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The most amazing fact about the two companies is the offer of trying their services. Both Kajabi and ClickFunnels offer a 14-days free trial of their services. Thus, they create an avenue to taste their marketing services.